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Software Development :

Sai paramount IT solution Pvt. Ltd is committed to supply the finest offshore software development services that deliver robust, scalable,and cost-effective software solutions.Our offshore development capabilities span most extensively used technologies, meeting the needs of clients across many different industries.A highly skilled and top class team of professionals offers you verified expertise to ensure the quality and reliability of the products we develop for you. Our complete, multi-step approach involves all of the following steps

  • Careful Analysis of Business Needs
  • Proprietary Software Development
  • Web-based and Desktop-Based Applications
  • Custom Database development
  • Rich, User-friendly, streamlined design
  • Exhaustive software testing
  • Single PC or Cross-platform installation
  • Ongoing maintenance and enhancement
Bio-metric devices:

Biometric provides the latest non-intrusive biometric security solutions. Our biometric security products incorporate fingerprint, face, iris, voice, and signature recognition. These biometric technologies can be used separately or together in one powerful package to meet your entire authentication and identification needs.

Biometric also offers customized solutions to allow integration of our biometric security software with your existing IT environment.

Our biometric devices and biometric software products include Fingerprint Time & Attendance, Fingerprint Access Control systems, USB Fingerprint Scanners, Embedded Fingerprint reader Modules, Fingerprint SDK (API), Biometric Computer Logon, Mobile Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Access Control system, Web Based ID, Signature Verification, Voice Authentication Systems.

Surveillance Monitoring / Video Imaging:

CCTV systems or Closed Circuit Television Systems are the most basic need in electronic security. The organized and integrated video data base obtained through this will be an effective and valuable tool to counter and act security sensitive areas and situations.

Benefits of CCTV Installation:
  • t
  • Watch your property when you are not there
  • Collect the evidence you may need.
  • Protect your family or staff from vandals.
  • Monitor how your business runs, when you are not there.
  • Combination of CCTV and alarm system proved to be effective.
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